WIth Insurance: The Process

Uscis information WITH health insurance.
Here is the info you requested:
USCIS 693 Exam.    (Fee $220.00)
With Health Insurance
Website:   Www.USCIS693.com
David J. Ores, MD 
Text:   917-723-4206
Visit # 1
Please bring your passport & any vaccination records you might have.
A blood test for tuberculosis immunity AND a urine test ( new requirement).  
Fill out some forms.
Visit # 2 
We review all your test results. THEN  we learn if you need a chest x-ray and / or any vaccinations.  You MIGHT be all done.
Visit # 3  (ONLY IF NEEDED)
AFTER you have completed vaccines,  x- rays....(IF  an X-ray is needed in your case).....
Then you sign your papers and receive your sealed envelope.  All done.
* You do not need your second MMR to complete the USCIS paperwork.
PS-  If you receive a bill/invoice from SUNRISE LABS, that bill is YOUR responsibility.  Since you have insurance, this will probably not happen. 
Address for Dr.  David Ores. 
189 East Second STREET (not avenue) NYC, NY.    10009
Between Avenue A & Avenue B. 
Please text me at 917-723-4206  or e-mail me directly (drdave.lesm@gmail.com) if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Dr Dave Ores